Winter Care Tips For Less Than 1-Year-Old Babies

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Winter is a challenging time whenever we consider our health and beauty. It is more or less the same with your children as well.

Parents have to go through many challenges, as winter hits the corner, especially those who have children less than one year of age. The immune system of babies is usually not well developed to fight the infections during the winter months.

The climate will make the infants little uncomfortable and remember, they have just began to get exposed to the seasons. Experts say that the tender skin of babies will find it difficult to get adjusted with the cold environment.

It doesn't mean that you have to keep your infant inside the house all the time. Most of the parents are skeptical on the health of their babies less than one year of age.
Curling on a couch in blankets may work for you. But, your active little ones need more practical tips and tricks to stay warm and healthy.

But, when it comes to infants, you must be cautious, as they are really tots who are unable to communicate. So, have a look at some of the winter care tips for babies less than one year of age.

Winter Care Tips For Babies1

Warm Clothing:
Unlike adults, infants need extra care and it can be done with several layering of clothes. When inside the room, try to check the room temperature and dress your infant accordingly. If you want to take the babies out, layer them with clothes and ensure that the baby is getting enough warmth. Mittens and socks are very important during the winter months.

Winter Care Tips For Babies3

Lukewarm Water Bath:
Babies' skin tends to face dryness and itching during the winter weather. Doctors recommend limiting the bath time to less than 10 minutes and advise using lukewarm water. It is also better to avoid soaps and instead, you can use mild cleansers.

Winter Care Tips For Babies4

Moisturising Lotions/Ointments:
Yes, even babies less than one year of age require moisturising lotions or ointments. Never wipe the water fully soon after the bath. Pat dry with a dry towel and apply some good moisturising cream or an ointment to keep the baby's skin soft and free from dryness.

Winter Care Tips For Babies5

No Heavy Blankets:
Some parents put heavy blankets on their infants, especially during the nights. However, it has been found that there is a risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). So, try to dress them in warm cloths, instead of putting on heavy blankets on them.

Winter Care Tips For Babies6

Room Temperature:
As the temperature outside may go low, it is better to maintain the room temperature according to your baby's need indoors. During the night, it is better to close all the windows and doors, so that the cold air will not affect the babies.

Winter Care Tips For Babies7

From ages, massaging babies in the winter months has been a practice. With a good massage, the baby's body will get the warmth that is required. Almond oil or coconut oil can be used, as these oils will keep the skin healthy.

Winter Care Tips For Babies8

Don't Use Many Baby Products:
Usage of too many baby products is not good for the babies less than one year of age. Some parents use soap, lotions, shampoos, etc., which can be really harmful for the babies. It is better to use mild soaps or shampoos to avoid dryness and itching.

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