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Why Babies Trigger Care-Giving Qualities In Us

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Do you know why your heart melt with compassion and care when you see a baby? Well, a new study claims that nature designed us in such a way that care-giving feelings arise in us when we see a cute baby.

Why Babies Trigger Care-Giving Qualities1

As babies need care to survive, we are designed to show compassion towards babies. That is the reason why we tend to become alert when we hear a baby crying.

Why Babies Trigger Care-Giving Qualities3

Both infants and cute animals affect our brains in different ways. Cuteness seems to ignite the caring behaviour in the brain networks of adults.

Why Babies Trigger Care-Giving Qualities2

Certain parts of the brain also get activated with certain sounds and other visual cues that indicate a baby that requires care.

Why Babies Trigger Care-Giving Qualities4

Evolution has embedded a protective mechanism in babies in the form of cuteness and this aspect helps in the survival.

Why Babies Trigger Care-Giving Qualities5

So, this study concludes that babies trigger care giving behaviours in adults and this is a part of the evolutionary mechanism that is required for human survival.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 17:11 [IST]
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