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How To Curb Childhood Obesity

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If you wish to ensure that your child maintains healthy weight then you may need to take certain measures.

How To Curb Childhood Obesity

Firstly, breast feeding is an important aspect of raising a kid in a healthy way. Many studies say that breastfeeding can also prevent obesity. Certain compounds present in the mother's milk can regulate the hunger and metabolism of the baby in a better way. So, stay away from bottle milk till a a particular age.

How To Curb Childhood Obesity2

Once your baby starts eating solid food, focus more on the nutrition. Make sure your kid gets enough of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.

How To Curb Childhood Obesity3

If you are planning to feed grains, choose whole grains. Stay away form high calorie foods and junk foods.

How To Curb Childhood Obesity4

Keep sodas, soft drinks and ice creams at a distance. They should be consumed once a month but shouldn't be a part of your kid's daily intake as they can accelerate obesity. If you feed your kid with fibre-rich foods, your kid may feel full for longer and may not care for unhealthy stuff.

How To Curb Childhood Obesity4

Portion size is another aspect. Consult your nutritionist to fix a healthy portion size for your kid and carefully maintain that without overfeeding your kid.

How To Curb Childhood Obesity6

Prefer home cooked meals most of the time for your kid unless you are traveling out of the station. And then the last but not the least, encourage your kid to engage in physical activities like games and sports. These measures will surely prevent childhood obesity.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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