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How Eating Fruits During Pregnancy Helps

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A new study claims that eating fruits while you are pregnant could make your baby smart! Maybe, there could be a link between eating fruits and your baby's IQ levels!

How Eating Fruits During Pregnancy Helps1

According to this study, pregnant mothers who ate fresh fruits regularly during pregnancy had their infants performing well in certain tests that measure IQ levels at the age of 1 year.

How Eating Fruits During Pregnancy Helps2

So, how much of fruit a woman consumes when she is pregnant can decide the IQ levels of the baby up to an extent.

How Eating Fruits During Pregnancy Helps5

After studying more than 600 children and their mothers, researchers have come to this conclusion. And finally the study indicated that motherswho ate more fruit during pregnancy had their kids perform well in IQ tests.

How Eating Fruits During Pregnancy Helps3

So, instead of eating junk or any other unhealthy food, pregnant mothers can rely on fruits. But before you start doing so, consult your gynecologist to know what fruits you can eat depending upon your current health condition.

How Eating Fruits During Pregnancy Helps4

Also, it is better to stay away from fruit juices as they contain sugar that will again cause certain other complications. And never drink packaged juices that contain other additives. They do more harm than any good.

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