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8 Signs Your Baby Needs To Be Breast Fed Now!

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Becoming a new mother is one of the most joyous moments in a woman's life. It gives her a new sense of responsibility and she dedicates her life for the well-being of her child from that moment on.

A mother has to drastically change her lifestyle habits to suit the needs of her baby.

Staying up all night to pacify her crying baby, feeding patterns, learning how to clean the baby and taking care of the baby at all times, these are a few things a new mother has to get used to, gradually.

is my breast milk enough for my baby

The postpartum period involves a lot of adjustments for both the child and the mother.

This phase allows the mother to get to know her baby well and also observe the baby's behavioural patterns, thereby allowing her to know when the child is hungry, sleepy, etc.

But, even then, sometimes it is hard to find out when the baby gets hungry. The infant may seem cranky or he/she may keep up with the crying for a while and the mother doesn't know what is wrong.

is my breast milk enough for my baby

So, to help a new mother, Boldsky highlights a few strong signs to help figure out when the baby needs to be breastfed.

1. The baby remains cranky or unsettled for a long time. This may mean that he/she is not full and is still hungry. So, it is time for him/her to be breastfed.

2. Your baby passes dark, hard stools. This could mean that the baby isn't getting enough milk, as a result he/she develops constipation, as breast milk can be the only source of nutrition initially.

is my breast milk enough for my baby

3. Your baby seems lethargic and sleeps a lot. While sleeping a lot is a good thing for an infant, it may also mean that he/she is underfed and has no energy as a result.

4. Your baby's weight remains constant. Ideally, an infant has to put on weight gradually, until he/she reaches a healthy peak. If the weight remains constant or if he/she is losing weight, it can mean that he/she isn't getting enough milk.

5. Your breasts don't feel soft and light. This could mean that the milk produced in your breasts is not being consumed completely by the baby and it is a sign that he/she might be underfed.

is my breast milk enough for my baby

6. Your baby's urine is dark. This is a sign which can mean that your baby isn't receiving enough liquids and nutrients, and so his/her urine is getting concentrated.

7. If you do not hear swallowing noises while you baby is suckling, it means that he/she is not taking in enough milk. This requires practice, especially with newborns and the mother must make sure that her baby is taking in the milk.

8. The baby's skin becomes wrinkly and yellowish. This sign could also mean that he/she is not getting enough nourishment, and the mother must see to it that her baby remains well-fed and nourished.

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Story first published: Friday, April 15, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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