Does Domestic Violence Affect Foetus?

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A new study finds that domestic violence may also impact pregnancy and delivery. According to this study, the risk of birth complications like low-birth-weight and preterm birth might increase if a woman is subjected to domestic violence.

Effects Of Domestic Violence2

This study says that domestic violence could impact the growth of foetus. Maternal stress, malnutrition, trauma and lack of medical care may impact the foetus in many ways.

Effects Of Domestic Violence5

Researchers warn that the negative effects could be worse if the domestic violence is caused by the spouse. It is a fact that domestic violence affects the lives of both the mother and the baby and that is why researchers recommend preventive measures.

Effects Of Domestic Violence1

Also, women who report such cases should quickly be given attention and proper medical care in order to prevent any birth defects or delivery complications.

Effects Of Domestic Violence3

Also, domestic violence could be anything from physical violence to emotional abuse. As a part of the study, researchers examined more than 5000000 women who underwent domestic violence.

Effects Of Domestic Violence4

The study concluded that domestic stress could double many delivery complications. This is why a pregnant woman must be given proper care throughout the whole phase. Apart from many other effects of domestic violence, researchers have found that even birth complications could be among the dangers.

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Story first published: Friday, March 11, 2016, 6:18 [IST]
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