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Does Raising A Baby Make You Smarter?

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A new study claims that the reason behind the evolution of human intelligence could also be due to the necessity of raising immature babies. Babies of other species are more mature and capable whereas human babies need lots of care and help during infancy.

Does Raising A Baby Makes You Smarter1

May be when a parent starts to raise an infant, he or she has to be more capable in order to attend to the demands of the baby. This could make the person sharper.

Does Raising A Baby Makes You Smarter2

If you take a look at a baby giraffe, it can start walking and running in just a few hours after birth. But a human baby takes a year or two to just stand and walk properly.

Does Raising A Baby Makes You Smarter3

Researchers opine that the reason for this could be the big brains that humans have compared to animals. As human have big brains, their offsprings are born immature. Human infants need more help compared to other infants of other species.

Does Raising A Baby Makes You Smarter4

So, if you have newly born babies at home, you would surely become smarter while raising your kids and looking after every single necessity of the baby.

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