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Do Newborn Babies Imitate Us?

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A new study claims that newborns are not capable of imitating others around until they gradually learn copying gestures.

Do Newborn Babies Imitate Us1

Most of us think that babies watch our gestures, voices and facial expressions and try to learn them through imitation. But this study reveals that there isn't any evidence to support that fact.

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On the contrary, researchers found that imitation isn't innate but is an acquired skill. It could happen during the first few months of the baby's life. This study claims that babies watch others imitating them and this is how they too start trying to copy others around them.

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So, this skill is gradually acquired as the baby grows up. That is when the baby starts learning each behaviour and action from the adults around.

Do Newborn Babies Imitate Us4

It is better to be careful when your baby is watching you as he my try to imitate you. Unhealthy behaviours and actions should be controlled at least when your baby is observing you.

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Creating a healthy atmosphere around, ensuring that babies imitate only positive behaviour patterns is a part of good parenting.

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