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Can Breastfeeding Impact A Kid's Behaviour

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A new study claims that breastfeeding can also reduce the chances of certain behavioral disorders in kids. This study was actually aimed at knowing how the baby's life experiences during the first few years can determine his or her behavior in general.

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Certain disorders related to behaviors generally start when the kid is still young and they may also continue during the adulthood. Some of those disorders may make a kid aggressive, restless and even violent leading to poor mental health later on.

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Now, researchers claim that babies who are breastfed during the first year have fewer chances of developing such behavioral disorders when they grow up.

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When researchers compared the behaviour of both breast fed kids and other kids, they came to know about this aspect.

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Also, the duration plays a very important role. How long a baby is breast fed? Is it for only few months or more than a year? The positive effects of breast feeding may be seen if the baby is breast fed for more than 6 months during the first year.

Can Breastfeeding Impact Kid's Behaviour6

Certain conduct disorders may make a kid aggressive and anti-social and this may affect learning capabilities and social relationships too.

Also, kids whose mothers have stress or certain mental health issues may also develop behavioural issues as they grow up.

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