Benefits Of Body Massage In Children

By: Mona Verma
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Whether a child or an adult; everybody enjoys a nice body massage. Massage is nothing else than Touch therapy, which is prevalent since centuries.

It makes the child feel secure and he/she experiences a feeling of love and trust with the mother. The first sense to be developed in all living beings is touch, hence it is rightly said that "a touch can convey more than a thousand words".

Benefits Of Body Massage In Children

It is psychologically proven that kids who are grown up in the healthy touch atmosphere are believed to become adults with self-esteem and can carry forward relationships in a better way.

Baby massage is actually relaxing for both the mother and her baby. Oh, yes! Even babies feel stressed, when not entertained.

Massage has a lot of physical benefits and it plays an important role in the process of digestion, circulation and growth of the baby. And also massage helps in the proper development of pre-mature babies and improves the muscle-building process of kids with a disability.

Benefits Of Body Massage In Children2

Some kids are unfortunately born with a disorder, which can be of any kind. Hence, a massage is very effective for those kids who are suffering from asthma, diabetes or any kind of a skin problem.

Now, doctors even recommend body massage for children who have cancer, as it reduces stress and boosts the immune system. It is found to be quite beneficial for autistic kids as well.

Benefits Of Body Massage In Children3

Benefits of body massage for children are as follows:

• Kids become less cranky.
• It helps improve sleep and regulates sleep pattern.
• Kids who get a proper body massage get healthier soon, i.e., they gain weight sooner as compared to other kids.
• Massage helps enhance emotions and it also improves the mood of the child.
• Helps to improve the appetite.
• Massages help protect the body against various ailments like constipation, which especially can be observed in kids.
• It is excellent to give a body massage during winters, as it protects the child against sinus and chest congestion.
• Helps in the proper functioning of the immune system.
• Helps the kid to feel active and fresh and makes the muscles stronger. Such kids are quick to respond and grasp activities faster.
• It builds a lifetime bond with the mother, and such kids are proven to be psychologically more intelligent.

Well, few mothers enter the phase called postnatal depression, which can be caused by monotonous routine and being in one room.

Benefits Of Body Massage In Children4

If you religiously give a body massage to your baby and talk to him, spend time with him, observe his actions and capture beautiful moments, you will never enter such a phase. Rather, your kid will turn out to be a more balanced and mature adult.

Benefits Of Body Massage In Children5

Also, start giving a body massage when your baby is 15-20 days old and give warm water bath post the massage session, which will further relax your baby and help him have a good sleep.

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Story first published: Friday, October 21, 2016, 17:32 [IST]
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