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Are Antibacterial Soaps Safe For Kids?

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Some antibacterial soaps contain a compound known as triclocarbon. A new study says that women using such soaps during pregnancy and lactating stages may have certain effects on the baby's gut bacteria.

Are Antibacterial Soaps Good For Kids

We all have intestinal bacteria which help us in certain ways. When the levels of gut bacteria are altered, it isn't healthy. And this study says that mothers using antibacterial soaps during pregnancy and during the breast feeding stages could disturb the healthy balance of gut bacteria in kids.

Are Antibacterial Soaps Good For Kids

The intestines contain both good and bad bacteria. When the normal levels are disturbed, certain disorders like colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, diabetes and obesity may occur.

Are Antibacterial Soaps Good For Kids3

Currently, certain antibacterial cleansers are being used by mothers during pregnancy in order to prevent certain infections. Researchers warn that usage of non-prescription anti-bacterial products especially the ones that contain triclocarbon isn't advisable. The problem is this compound can even flow through the breast milk to an infant.

Are Antibacterial Soaps Good For Kids4

Health experts recommend using cleansing products with care. In fact, consulting your family doctor before buying such products is very important especially during the pregnancy and breast feeing stages.

Are Antibacterial Soaps Good For Kids5

We all know that healthy bacteria is important for us to survive in healthy way. Destroying healthy bacteria could upset the human health in many ways.

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Story first published: Monday, April 4, 2016, 10:56 [IST]
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