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A Side Effect Of Maternal Obesity

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A new study claims that obesity in women may also raise the risk of infertility issues in their daughters. In fact, this study also says that malnutrition in mothers could also affect the fertility of their daughters.

A Side Effect Of Maternal Obesity1

Yes, children who are exposed to tough environments inside the womb may develop certain issues later in their lives. As infertility in women is a problem to be investigated deeply, researchers are looking at every single way that could cause it.

A Side Effect Of Maternal Obesity2

So, currently researchers are looking at ways to enhance the chances of fertility rates in women who have not been in comfortable environments while they were in womb.

A Side Effect Of Maternal Obesity3

As this study threw more light on the effects of obesity and nutrition on the fertility of the next generation, it is a warning sign for those who neglect their nutrition during pregnancy stages. So, high sugar and fatty diets can also rob the fertility in the children of the next generation in certain cases.

A Side Effect Of Maternal Obesity4

After learning about all the health issues caused by obesity, this is something new to us and this is why pregnant mothers should be offered more care and assistance to ensure that a healthy womb environment is maintained so that the effect of nutrition doesn't rob the next generation of the fertility chances.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 6:13 [IST]
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