Interesting Facts About Your Baby's Brain

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Babies are fat, bald and speak utter nonsense most of the time. And this is what makes them way too cute! Most parents think that their baby is too little to understand the things happening around him/her, but you have got it wrong!

It is said that babies can understand their surroundings and with time, as they begin to grow, they become well versed with what you are doing around them. Infact, the baby's brain develops and doubles up in volume 90 days after its birth. So, can you imagine the power of your child's brain when he/she reaches the time when he/she begins to speak?

Research also states that parents can help build a baby brain power by interacting with the infant and talking to them as much as possible. Talking to your baby will not only help the child to learn the language, but will also help the little one and you to build a bond of love and affection.

These little activities also have a great impact on the child's brain development. At some point of time, these experiments also help in your child's motor skills development.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about your baby's brain. Parents should be aware of these simple facts.


A Baby's Long-Term Memory

All parents love that feeling when their baby clings to their shoulders and refuses to go to another person. When this act is done by your little one, it is only a sign to show that your baby's long-term memory is superb.


Brain Development

Studies show that over 60 percent of the baby's metabolic energy is used when the brain is developing and growing. Therefore, it is necessary for babies to sleep that required amount of hours and, at the same time, should be active too.


Babies & Mothers

This is one of the most interesting facts about your baby's brain. It is said that much of the infant-mother bond is based on scent and touch. This means that a mother's physical affection, love and care helps the baby's brain to develop faster and effectively.


When Babies Talk

There are some parents who worry when their baby crosses a certain age and they refrain from speaking. However, an interesting fact is that the baby's brain prepares to learn speech long before they are able to actually talk. So, babies of parents who are not speaking yet, don't worry much, as your little one will soon start to blabber.


Brain Depends On Age Too

The brain of a baby grows faster than any other body part. The interesting fact about your child's brain is that it doubles in volume within 90 days from the baby's birth.


Physical Touch Is Important For Growth

The most interesting fact about a baby's brain is that those little ones who are in constant physical touch with their parents have higher and stronger neuronal connections in the brain, which is required for cognitive and brain development.


The Importance Of Neurons

Babies that have developed normally are born with 100 billion neurons in their brain. This is twice the amount of what adults have. This number of neurons is needed for all the learning activities that happen during the early stages of a human's life. Now, you know why it is easier for a child to learn multiple languages at ease.

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