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Excellent Tricks To Sterilise Baby Bottles

If you have started using bottles to feed your baby, then you must know how to sterilise baby bottles. Actually, breastfeeding could be a better option compared to bottle feeding. At the end of the day, you have to spend some time to sterilise baby bottles if you choose bottle feeding.

Bottle Feeding Your Baby: Parenting Tips

Though there are different ways to sterilise baby bottles, let us discuss a simple method so that you can do it every day without much efforts. Every step must be carefully implemented as you cannot take such things easily. If bacteria gets accumulated on the bottles, your baby's health might suffer. So, follow the below steps carefully.

How to sterilise baby bottles? Here are the steps:

Remove the lids
Firstly, get the baby bottles to your kitchen and unscrew all of them. Place all of them on a cloth and then on a shelf.

Prepare soap solution
If you have liquid soap at home, prepare the soap solution. If you don't have liquid soap, get it from the nearest departmental store. Never try to use washing powder for this purpose as it contains strong chemicals which may harm the health of your baby. Using the soap water, start cleaning the bottle and its accessories or parts. Never ignore the lid of the bottle.

Use clean water
After washing with soap water, your next step is to wash all of them with clean water. Ensure that no traces of soap water remain on them. Flush all parts of the bottle with as much of water as possible to make them clean.

The next step is the sterilisation step. Fill a big container with water and place it on your stove. Boil the water for some time and then reduce the flame. Place all the bottles in that container and try to cover the container with a plate so that the steam doesn't escape. Let it boil for some time and remove it from the stove.

Soak them
Let the bottles remain in hot water for 20 minutes. After that, get them out and place them in a corner of your kitchen to dry them. Let them take their own time to dry. But if you want to use the bottles immediately, get a clean cloth and wipe them. Ensure that you maintain proper cleanliness for the sake of your child's health.

How often to sterilise?
You must sterilise baby bottles 2 times a day. So, ensure that you have enough bottles in store so that your baby doesn't need to wait while you sterilise a set of bottles. Though there are other ways to sterilise baby bottles, the above method is the easiest.

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