Tips To Massage Your Baby

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Massaging your baby is a healthy practice for your infant. Since ages, baby massages has been an integral part of child care practices. Massaging your baby regularly makes the bones stronger and helps him/her to grow faster. You should massage your baby on a regular basis to keep him healthy. Start with small sessions when you are confident enough to handle the baby. Then slowly increase the time of massage when your baby gets used to it.

Baby massage not only has physiological advantages for your baby, but also has some very strong psychological implications. You baby feels secure and protected through massage which helps you to bond better with your new born. Baby massage helps to relax your baby which results in a sounds sleep. A good oil massage also improves the digestion of the baby and increases the blood circulation. But knowing the right way to give a massage is quite important because a baby's skin is very sensitive.

Tips To Massage Your Baby

So, here are some handy tips to massage your baby in the right manner:

  • Choose the right oil: All massage oils are not the same. Try to use natural oils for your baby like olive oil or mustard oil. Commercially manufactured baby oils may contain mineral and petroleum based products which is not good for your baby's skin.
  • Start with the legs: The legs are the best part to start the massage session because they are less sensitive than other parts of the body. Glide your hands in a circular motion from thighs to the ankles of the baby.
  • Move to the tummy: Tummy is a great source of distress as their digestive systems are immature and it takes a lot of time to get used to the breast milk. Tummy massage strokes can help in getting rid of the digestive problems like gas and constipation.
  • Press the pressure points lightly: Massage the soles of your baby's foot to stimulate body systems. Massage the toes also helps in teething problems.
  • Move to the back: Massage is a wonderful addiction for the babies as it relaxes them to sleep well. So, massage the back of the little one using slow and rhythmic strokes.

Doing the massage in a correct manner, following proper steps is extremely important for your baby's growth. So, use this tips to massage your baby regularly and watch him/her grow fast and healthy.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 30, 2013, 4:32 [IST]
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