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3 Ways To Hold Your Newborn Baby

By Asha Das

As a newcomer enters your life, you will be totally confused about so many whats, whys, hows and whens? The most common and perplexing among those doubts will be how to hold your baby. Most probably you may not have held a newborn ever before in your life. There are a number of different ways to hold a newborn. As you gain confidence you can try them all. As a beginner nobody wants to take a risk on experimenting. So, here we will discuss three most common and simple methods to hold a baby. They are the cradle hold, the shoulder hold and the face-down hold. Stop being nervous about holding your newborn baby, and try these simple steps that will keep your baby safe and secure in your warmth.

First time mothers can try these baby positions to hold their newborns right.


Most babies love this position as they can see you. This position will give complete support to the head, neck,back and bottom of your baby. This hold gives maximum support to your baby's neck, which is very important in the early stage as the neck muscles will not be strong enough. The steps to be followed are:

  • Slide one hand under your baby's head. Your hand should hold both the neck and the lower portion of baby's head. Slide your other hand underneath your baby's bottom. Now both your hands will be underneath

your baby holding head, neck and bottom securely.

  • Gently lift your baby towards your chest. This should be done while sliding your hand that was under your baby's neck and hold the newborn baby around. Support back and bottom with the other hand.
  • Now your baby's head should be in the crook of your elbow with back and bottom supported. The head should not roll or fall backwards. Cradle hold is the best hold for feeding your baby while you are seated.

    Probably this is the most common position used for winding babies. Rest your baby against your shoulders. While holding your baby's bottom with one hand, keep the head and neck supported by the other hand.


    As you gain confidence in holding your baby, you may try this. It will allow your baby to rest comfortably in your forearm. Rest your baby's head in the crook of your arm with hands supporting tummy and legs. This is a good position for winding as well.

    Try these positions to hold your newborn baby and experience motherhood beautifully.

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