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Ways To Get Rid Of Baby Gas

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Baby Gas
A newborn has his/her own health problems. When you are only breastfeeding, sometimes your baby can suffer from gas or constipation or dysentery. This is because the baby's digestive system is under development. There are few fluids prescribed by your doctor to cure baby health problems. However, there are few granny's tips and tricks to get rid of gas in baby.

Pat the back: After every feeding, hold the baby in your arms and gently pat the back. Do it for 1-2 minutes till the baby burps. The burp prevents the baby from getting gas.

Rub baby's stomach: To get rid of gas, gently rub baby's stomach. Lay the baby on his/her back and massage the stomach with your fingers with little pressure. This moves the gas towards the digestive tract and throws out from the body.

Give lukewarm water: When your baby is suffering from gas, give little lukewarm water. Make sure that the water is not hot. The baby's throat is sensitive so give lukewarm water which is not sensitive to touch. You can also bathe the baby in warm water. It soothes the body and also cures gas. The warmth of water expands the gas pocket to release the gas.

Avoid giving formula milk: Sometimes the baby takes time to digest formula milk. Some ingredients in the formula milk can build gas in the baby's stomach. Observe if the baby gets gas every time after drinking formula milk. If so, stop giving it.

Exercise: Lay the baby on the back and exercise gently his/her legs. Hold the legs in your hand and move them in circular motion as if riding a cycle. This increases the bowel movement and also makes it easy to take out the bubble.

Involve in activities: Play with your baby. Involve in fun activities to make the gas come out front the body. Take him/her out or make the baby sit and play. This is to increase the body movements of the baby and will help the gas come out from the body as burp or fart.

These are few tricks to get rid of baby gas. While feeding, make sure air doesn't enter the baby's mouth. Take the baby close to the breast before feeding to avoid free entry of air into the small mouth. Air can build gas in babies.

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Story first published: Friday, May 11, 2012, 13:54 [IST]
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