5 Most Famous Babies In the World!

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Famous Babies
The most famous babies in the world are not the babies of stars or politicians but just random fortune's children who tasted fame too early in life. How did these babies become celebrities? Each one has its own unique story to tell and it might be interesting to know what these stories are. The bottom line is that these 5 babies made news and even when they turned 30, they will sprang up as 'that baby' in casual conversations.

Here the 5 most famous babies in the world and the stories to which the owe their celebrity status.

Top 5 Most Famous Babies In The World:

1. Louise Brown, First Test Tube Baby:
She was the miracle child who was born to proud parents Lesley and John Brown on July 25, 1978. She was the first baby born out of the test tube This baby celebrity owes her fame to the science of In Vitro Fertilisation that is so common these days. Dr. Steptoe and Dr. Edwards were surely the proudest pair of doctors in UK and world that day when they 'created' rather than delivered a baby!

2. Laughing Baby: Not very laughing baby gets viewed by 109 million people, online of course. A video of baby William Nilsson from Sweden in 2006. It went on to become the most clicked video on You Tube. Such was the popularity of this video that even the Queen of England did not miss seeing it!

3. Ann Cook, Gerber Baby: She was the first baby to set of child modeling on a commercial scale. She set off by endorsing the popular brand Gerber Strained Foods in 1928. From then on, the 4 months old Ann Cook was 'the' Gerber baby. She is actually past 80 now but still when we talk about baby brands and the most famous babies in the world, the Gerber baby is always mentioned. Ann Cook grew up to be a writer of mystery novels but owes her initial fame to child modeling.

4. Octamom Babies: Having already mentioned IVF and test tube babies, here are set of baby celebrities who became famous by the sheer power of numbers. Not two, not four but eight babies were born at the same time to Nadia Suleman in January 2009. Yes we are talking about the octupulets born to Octomom, a single mother who lives on state benefits in USA. Hers are only the second octupulets to survive in a whole set the first being Chukwu octupulets.

5. Dancing Baby: Remember the times when almost everybody had that image of a dancing baby as their screen saver and no matter how many times you say it you laughed. The incredulity of that baby dancing shaking up a its body parts ridiculously was one of the first Internet rage memories we have. It happened back in 1996 when everybody was forwarding the dancing baby video.

These were the 5 most famous babies in the world.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 14:32 [IST]
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