How To Choose A Quality Day Care For Your Baby?

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Baby Day Care
Day care for your baby is the place where he or she is going spend a majority of the day. Even when your child is a baby is imbibes good and bad things from its environment so you have to give them quality child care so that they see and get the best.

The process of choosing a day care has to be an exhaustive and tedious one, firstly because the cost of day care is rising every day and then you want the best for your baby. Here are some of the points that have to be considered before choosing a day care for your baby.

Tips To Choose A Day Care For Baby:

1. Security: The security of the child is most important when it comes to choosing day care. All kinds of unscrupulous activities like child trafficking and abuse happen around us. So most modern day care centres give the parents a taped CD of what the child did all day for assurance.

2. Credentials Of Caregivers: You have to personally scrutinize the credentials of each and every caregivers in the day care centre. They need to have the necessary qualifications and a clear criminal record and only then will you enroll your baby in that day care.

3. Number of Children To Personnel Ratio: If you want to know how much personal attention will be given to your baby, you need just one number, the ratio of the number of children to the number of personnel in the centre. It shows what kind of quality child care you will get.

4. Number Of Hours: You have to inquire and ensure that the number of hours that the day care functions synchronizes with your work hours. If you work odd hours like night shifts then you have to choose a day care that caters to professionals like you.

5. Off Days: Many people have their weekly off on Thursday or any other week day (newspaper reporters) so you have make sure that the day care adjusts to this. Most day care centres remain closed on Sundays and that could pose a problem.

6. Cost: The cost of day care has to fit your budget. If they are asking for an unreasonable price just because you are desperate then don't give in.

7. Emergency Measures Available: The quality of child care also depends on how the centre plans to deal with any emergencies like the baby getting ill or a bomb blast in the city when you can't come to pick up your baby. Check their plan of action and take a written assurance that it will be followed.

8. Distance From Your Home/Office: It is always better for working mothers to choose a day care that is close either to their office or home. This ensures you can be their at the earliest in case of emergency.

Use these parenting tips to choose the best day care for your baby.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 13:25 [IST]
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