Tips To Dress Up Baby Like Santa Claus!

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Dress Up Baby Santa
Dressing up your baby for almost any occasion is fun but when it comes to the most special day of the year then nothing can compete with it. So when Santa Clause is going pay your little bundle of joy a visit isn"t it a great idea to give your baby a Santa costume to wear? Of course, to get your baby into the Christmas spirit, Santa clothes and caps are the best apparel.

Here are some tips to dress your baby up in a Santa costume and so alternatives to the actual costume.

Tips To Dress Up Baby Like Santa Claus:

  • Just because you are going to dress your baby like Santa you need not go and buy the first Santa costume you see in the stores for babies. What use your creativity if you are going to pick the costume of the shelf?
  • The Santa costume for baby during Christmas has three main components; the dress, the head gear (cap) and the footwear. A Santa cap may not be available in the size of your baby's head readily. So you can convert his or her bowlers cap or monkey cap into a Santa cap.
  • Pick a cap that is red and white (predominantly red) and stick a layer of cotton wool on its brim. You can also cut out the fur cuffs of your old coat and stitch it to the cap. If its a pretty little baby girl you have then you have many alternatives.
  • Girls can be make to wear a red hair band with a bow and the white cotton puff of Santa's hat to signify the saint's attire. They can also be made to wear pretty red scarves laced with white frills on their angelic heads.
  • The best way to dress up baby in an attire that most resembles Santa's is to get hold of a red overall. It should preferably have a velvet finish but even a bright red woolen baba suit won't make a bad Santa baby costume. You can make the suit more appropriate by lacing the collars and cuffs with white cloth or cotton wool.
  • While the Santa suit of overalls is unisex, with a baby girl you always have more options. Dress up your baby girl in a pretty red lace and velvet dress. If the dress already has white then well and good or else you can always give a trimming with white lace or frills.
  • All babies look cute in the typical red and white Christmas stockings. Put on thick warm socks in either all white or white trimmed with red to protect against cold.
  • Last but not the least you can make a huge Christmas sock in red wool with white trimmings and stuff the little one into it! After all even baby fashion is about innovation.

Use these parenting tips to dress up your baby for his or her first Christmas.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 22, 2011, 15:06 [IST]
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