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3 Deaths, Over 300 Suffering From Diarrhoea In Nagaland; Quick Steps For Prevention

Diarrhoea is considered a normal health issue, but id not taken care of at the right time then it might turn fatal. This is exactly what has happened in Nagaland.

In the past five days three deaths and over 100 people have been affected with serious gastroenteritis in Wanching village at Mon district of Nagaland.

According to reports the three people who have died were above 80 years and had complaints of diarrhoea. Meanwhile, the samples have been sent for testing the report said.

Diarrhea treatment, Food you should eat | डायरिया में खाएं ये चीजें, तुरंत मिलेगा आराम | BoldSky

With the monsoon on, viral infections like cold, cough and fever along with diarrhoea are very common. Water and food contamination are the two major causes for the rise in such viral infections. Hence, one needs to be very careful during the season.

diarrhoea deaths

Listed here are few of steps to prevent diarrhoea and severe gastrointestinal problems. Take a look.

1. Increase intake of fluids:
Keeping yourself hydrated in one of the best ways to prevent diarrhoea. Make it a point to drink plenty of water and other liquids as this helps prevent dehydration.

2. Avoid foods sold in the open:
Foods that are sold in the open have high chances of getting contaminated, especially during the rainy season. It is very essential that one avoids eating foods that are sold in the open.

3. Washing hands properly:
It is very important to maintain personal hygiene habits in order prevent any kind of infections. For example washing hands properly after using the bathrooms, before cooking and before eating foods are few of the things that should be kept in mind.

4. Washing fruits and vegetables:
Make sure that the fruits and vegetables are washed properly before consuming. Fruits and vegetables if not cleaned properly can be carriers of infection. Dipping vegetables in salt for a while before cooking helps in getting rid of toxic substances.

5. See a doctor:
If the symptoms like fever and diarrhoea persists for two days or more then it is always better to see a doctor. Getting the infection diagnosed and treated at the right time helps in preventing the case from getting worse.

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