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17 Things You Can Keep In Mind If You Want To Impress A Girl Through Texts

Initial phases of texting a girl can be intimidating but after some time it becomes easy to build a relationship with them. But, things can go wrong in between and no all endings are not happy.

Sending huge chunks of text messages will not impress any girl for sure, You are sending texts and not writing essays, so keeping it simple will always work wonders. Be it Tinder, Messenger or Whatsapp or any other messaging app, it is better to know the rules before you start texting them.

We have compiled 17 tricks for you that you must keep in mind if you want to impress a girl through texts.

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1. Stay Relaxed While Texting

No two people are the same and therefore, you need to understand that not everyone will react in the same manner. Rather than pasting same pick-up lines everywhere and make your messages look like spam, it is better that you come up with your own lines. While texting your special girl, it is essential you know how she is as a person and yes, don't think too much about it. You are not writing an exam.

2. Keep It Simple And Honest

Short and sweet is something that will do the magic here. Avoid writing complex sentences. Also, it is essential that you are honest about your emotions. Remember no one likes to spend 5 minutes reading one silly sentence. Stay focused on what you want to tell her and that will make her text you back.

3. Be Naughty Occasionally, Not Always

Test the waters before stepping in this zone. If there is a clear message that the special woman in your life wants you to get naughty, you can start by sending her vague naughty messages. Proceed only if you get a green light, else it is wise to not go there.

4. Do Not Flood Her Inbox

There is nothing more annoying than flooding someone's inbox with hundreds of messages. Avoid being desperate while texting your special girl. Even if you have made a typo, avoid sending repeated texts. Remember she is not looking forward to date an encyclopedia, so keep the sentences short and crisp.

5. Make Your Conversation Interesting

If you want to make the girl interested in communicating you through texts, then avoid talking on sensitive issues in the first place. Ask things that she likes to do and take interest in. Also, you can talk about studies, movies, novels or places that you like going to. Once both of you have known each other for a while, you can talk on various topics as well.

6. Use Correct Grammar Form

You may not know this but there are people who are quite particular about grammar and language. Using words short forms like 'k' instead of okay, 'BRB' rather than typing 'be right back' or 'GN' instead of goodnight can be a huge turn off for the other person. Not everyone is fond of abbreviations, and therefore, she can misinterpret that you don't have enough time for her or disinterested in the conversations.

7. Don't Be Too Impatient For Receiving Replies

If a girl receives your message, reads it and doesn't reply, it can mean only two things. Either she is not interested or she is busy. Therefore, rather than feeling anxious for not receiving quick replies give her some space and wait for her reply.

8. Become Emoji And Giphy Savvy

Most girls on this planet are fond of emojis, so probably it is safe to use them. If you have started using them in your conversations, then be consistent with them. Do not stop using it all of a sudden, then it will make her wonder why.

9. Don't Be Too Desperate To Flirt

It is necessary that you don't sound desperate when it comes to flirting with your special woman. If that girl knows that you are interested in her, then do not flirt every now and then, This will annoy her if nothing else. Understand how she reacts to flirty texts and then proceed.

10. Set Your Time Before Texting

You don't have to set an exact time frame when you can text her, but if you are aware of her working hours and free time, it will work in your favour as well. It won't take you much time to find out whether the woman you like is interested in you or not. Texting her late at night only because both of you had a nice conversation in the evening, isn't a wise thing to do. So, don't send the wrong signals.

11. Don't Jump Into Sexting

Check her vibes before doing it! Unless both of you are not comfortable enough to discuss physical intimacy, keep sexting out of the scenario. Just because both of you met in a pub or at a pool party, doesn't mean that you can jump into sexting. Give some time and try to know each other. Developing emotional intimacy can help you in taking things to the next level.

12. Keep Boring Talks A Bay

Don't talk about what she had in her lunch or weather for that matter. Learn how to initiate meaningful conversations. Make her feel special by appreciating her. You can ask questions that will let you know more about her.

13. Avoid Invading In Her Personal Space

She may like you but don't behave like an intruder and invade her personal space. She can be your love interest but she is not answerable to you- where she is going or what she is eating is her choice. So, it is wise to not bombard her with questions.

14. Make Her Feel Special

All you need to do is make her special with every text you send her. Everyone wants to feel special. Ensure she is smiling every time she reads your messages. But avoid sugar-coating your words too much, else she will figure it out soon that you are not honest with your emotions.

15. A Good Sense Of Humour Will Totally Work

No matter what you tell or text her ensure that she has good memories of you only. Keep the conversation light with a dose of humour. Ask her to save your number with a funny name or have a funny pet name for her. Write something crazy and funny and she will always remember you.

16. Do Not Brag About Yourself

Stand out from other men but don't brag about yourself. This will make her bored too fast. When you are communicating with a girl, remember you are not competing for a job role or winning a trophy. Understand you have to give her enough reasons that she may want to talk to you or go out with you.

If it has to happen, it will happen. Good luck!

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Story first published: Thursday, March 12, 2020, 18:19 [IST]