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Republic Day 2023: Know About The Celebrations That Showcase Magnificient Military And Cultural Pageantry

The ceremonious Republic Day Parade is conducted in New Delhi, at the Kartavya path as a Tribute paid firstly to the Martyrs who laid their body, mind and soul at the altar of freedom and independence and secondly to the bravery awards to its gallant citizens and thirdly to the unity in diversity and its rich cultural and traditional legacy.

At the outset, the recipients of gallantry awards receive their honoured prizes after which the military equipment including tanks, and missiles are displayed. Now the miscellaneous armed forces including Police, Home Guards and National Cadet Corps also march ahead with the rest in thunderous coordination on the Kartavya path.
The Republic Day parade of India has more than 25 marching and mounted contingents, around 20 military bands, various military vehicles, 30 cultural tableaux, approximately 30 aircraft, state-wise cultural performers, and 1200 school children, who march ahead, well-trained with well-matched steps on the parade ground.

Celebrations Related To Magnificient Military And Cultural Pageantry

Marchpast is carried out by various Army, Navy and Air force regiments with their uniquely different bands and well-preserved official decorations. The President of India is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces on this day, who receives the salute. Paramilitary and other civil forces made their grand entrance to the parade. The camel-mounted Border Security Force contingent (which is the only one of that kind) N.C.C. cadets (well prepared for the event) and school children are the star attractions that draw admiration from the crowd.
20-30 Electric carts namely floats, also get down to the parade ground to display the cultures of various regions and union territories that add a glorious touch to the event. Television and Radio broadcasts glorify through their commentaries, the might of the Indian army and military, and our regional tradition and culture, special programmes by the government, cultural shows by school students.

Evidence For Unity In Diversity

At the conclusion of these gala events, it is time for some daredevilry by the Motorcycle units of the Armed Forces followed by the scintillating flypast (flying parade in fighter planes) performed by the Air Force jets and helicopters with national flags flying high along with them at those unbelievable altitudes. As people from different regions and religions join their hands together in the name of patriotism, It time and again proves the motto of unity in diversity. People experience a heart-swelling pride towards the nation as around 1200 school children display their talents through cultural programmes. It is a matter of deep pride and honour for every performer and participant.

Years ago, in 1950, the parade was conducted for the first time. The parade starts after the Prime minister of India lays wreath for the martyred Indian soldiers at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate after which the President of India unfurls the National flag.

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