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Meet Kimiko Nishimoto, The Insta-Granny Whose Photoshop Skills Are Outta This World; Pics!

Meet Kimiko Nishimoto, the living embodiment of age is just a number, you are never too late to start something new and more in the same lines - you get my vibe right?

Kimiko Nishimoto discovered Photoshop one fine day and now she's an internet celeb and probably the coolest granny out there. A former housewife in her nineties, Kimiko Nishimoto discovered photography when she was 72 years old.

Yes, the artist initially touched a camera for the first time at the age of 72 during "Yubijuku," a photography course run by her eldest son, Kazutami. Her creative works have a distinct originality.

Since then, she hasn't put her camera down and has transitioned from photographing still life to trying her hand at self-portraits - and is still going strong - with 311k followers on Instagram.

In her youth, Nishimoto was an outgoing individual. At 20, she took up competitive cycling as she was bored with working in the salon that her father had opened for her.

At the age of 22, she became a female bicycle racer after closing down her beauty salon, obtaining a Class A license from a bicycle racing school, and becoming a bicycle racer because of her admiration for her two younger brothers, who became bicycle racers and toured the country.

She retired from racing at the age of 27 after marrying Hitoshi Nishimoto, a tax office employee in charge of her family's tax affairs.

Nishimoto would likely have continued with competitive cycling if she had not met her future husband, Hitoshi.

Even though Nishimoto had never handled a camera before, she found the world of photography fascinating.

Kimiko said to a reporter, "Cameras have opened a window to another world for me. It'd be boring just sitting around the house all day. I love the sound of a shutter clicking."

Before becoming an internet celebrity, Kimiko was a hairdresser, a track cyclist, and a homemaker.

In some photos, Nishimoto portrays herself in the vicinity of her home in Kumamoto as a victim of a scooter or bike accident, half-flattened by a car, or flying through the air in an electric wheelchair at light speed.

"I just want to try to bring people joy", she explains to reporters. "Taking photos is the secret to my happiness. I'll keep doing it for as long as I live."

Instagram's favourite grandma usully does indoor shoots, due to her weak back.

Kimiko Nishimoto's work can be found on Instagram.

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