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Maharashtra Day 2022: Know About The Date, History And Significance Of The Day

Every year on 1 May, Maharashtra Day is observed. The day is celebrated to honour the Indian state of Maharashtra which was formed in 1960.

Maharashtra declared the day a regional public holiday. The day, also known as Maharashtra din, commemorates the formation of the Bombay Reorganization Act of 1960, which resulted in the establishment of the state of Maharashtra.

Let's take a look at the history and significance of Maharashtra day.

History And Significance Of The Day

After getting independence from colonial rule in 1947, the States Reorganization Act decided to divide and reorganise the states based on the languages spoken. People who spoke the languages Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, and Kutchi, were divided into two primary linguistic groupings, forming the state of Bombay.

Due to considerable differences between the two language groups, a movement to divide the Bombay State into two separate states was launched.

On 25 April 1960, the Bombay Reorganization Act was passed by the Indian parliament. It went into effect on 1 May 1960, resulting in the formation of the two states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, both of which became independent states. Maharashtra Day honours the Marathi people's and language's rich history and culture.

How Is Maharashtra Day Celebrated?

Maharashtra Day is commemorated by organising many cultural events, folk dances, and other activities that honour the Marathi culture. On this day, the Governor delivers a speech during a parade in Shivaji Park, Dadar. The Maharashtra government also announces a number of projects and campaigns on the day for the development of the state.

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