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Instagram Influencers' Plea For Money To Fund Bike Trip Spurs Anger Online

By Nia

One can't fathom what becomes viral and famous, these days. All one needs is a wacky post to spike likes and followers online.

While some things we come across on the internet seem attractive at first, not much thought is put into who we follow or even why we follow them.

Perhaps, when a guy decides to get famous, all that he needs is a tattooed body and a beautiful wife who loves to post pictures along. Read further to know why we are talking about this hyperbole.

A jobless couple wishing to go on a bike trip to Africa put forth a plea to their followers. However, it ended in much anguish and trolling. More on this, later.

Meet Catalin and Elena from Germany

Catalin Onc and his wife Elena Engelhardt from Germany are Instagram influencers, who have travelled across the globe. The couple has been to Indonesia, Italy, France, New Zealand and Australia. They are now planning a tandem bike ride to Africa, which is also their home country. The intended trip, which they claim is to spread awareness on mental health and global warming, will set them back by £8,866.

An Online Fundraiser

All seemed well until the lovebirds decided to ask some of their 30,000+ followers to contribute for their road trip. Since the couple had a happening life on social media, they decided to set up a GoFundMe page (fundraising platform), and promoted the same on their Instagram handle ‘Another Beautiful Day'. They also revealed that they don't hold full-time jobs and are dependent on Catalin's mother for financial support. It was learned that his mother worked two jobs to support their travel plans and she seemed to be okay with the couple not working!

Fans are furious

When fans realised how hard his mum worked to sponsor their trips, they got furious and instantly admonished them to stop begging, and instead opt for a job and take care of her. But the couple, further, claimed that getting a job would be 'detrimental.' Isn't it insane?

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