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Teachers' Day 2019: 5 Funniest Punishments Given By Teachers

Friendships, heartbreaks, fight and punishments - all made our school life memorable. More than the friendships and fights, we remember the funny punishments we got from our teachers or principal.

Almost every student has faced these kinds of punishments during their school days. Here are some funny punishments given by teachers. Take a look.

1. Hold your tongue or finger on the lips

This was a common punishment given by all the teachers and we would love this punishment because no matter how many times we get this punishment we would still talk, wouldn't we?

2. Standing outside the class

If we were caught daydreaming or quietly chatting with another friend in class, the class teacher would throw a chalk at us from where he or she was standing to make us pay attention. The teacher then would instruct us to stand outside the class and we would take this as an opportunity to talk even more.

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3. Sitting next to the teacher

This was also a very common punishment. If we weren't behaving properly in the class, the class teacher would ask us to sit next to the teacher and the entire class would start laughing, which was even more embarrassing.

4. Changing your place

If we were too talkative in class, the teacher would change our place and ask us to sit with an opposite-gender student, so that we stop talking or chatting. I guess we enjoyed this punishment *wink*.

5. Writing impositions

Another funny punishment was to write impositions. We were asked to write the fault of ours 100 times in our notebook, so that we remember it and don't repeat it. This was one such funny punishment which we never took seriously.

Story first published: Thursday, September 5, 2019, 9:00 [IST]