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Bride Calls Off Wedding After Guests Refuse To Pay 1 Lakh Each As Wedding Gift

They say Indians spend a lot of money on their weddings, but when you read about Susan's expensive wedding demands, you will forget about Indian weddings.

Susan, who hails from Canada, called off her wedding just 4 days before the big day because her guests refused to pay $1,500 (Rs 1,06,000) that she demanded in cash from each of them along with their RSVP.

On her Facebook post, she rants that her friends couldn't give her gifts in the form of cash. She says, "Dear friends, it comes with great sadness that I am announcing the cancellation of the wedding. I apologize for cancelling only four days beforehand. Unfortunately, [fiancé] and I have broken up due to some recent and irreparable problems. We have decided to end our relationship and not go forth with any future proceedings."

In the post she goes on to say that along with her fiancé, they managed to save $ 15k for their wedding, but after a psychic reading they decided to increase their budget to $60k. For this reason, they asked help from their friends, and when only 8 people RSVP'd with the money, she became furious. She started blaming her friends and family for not helping her out in her dream wedding. She also said that she will not keep any contact with her friends and family.

In the case of Susan, spending huge amounts of money for a wedding doesn't make any sense and her insistence on having it shows how elite her demands are.

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