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Twins Of Same-Sex Parents Are Able To Feed Them, Thanks To Induced Lactation

By Nia

Giving birth can be quite complicated and conceiving can be a huge task, especially when you are a same-sex couple. This unique case of a same-sex couple breastfeeding their newborns together has gone viral after the mum who did not carry the twins had taken up 'induced lactation' to produce milk. This has helped the couple to feed the babies together.

Read on to know the details of the couple.


The Couple Became Parents After Two Years Of Struggle

Jaclyn and Kelly Pfeiffer are a same-sex couple who have been trying for a baby since January 2016. After two years of struggle, the couple finally became proud parents of twins.


Kelly Shared Pictures Of Them Feeding The Babies

Kelly Pfeiffer had given birth to the babies in May. She had shared the pictures of her and her wife, Jaclyn where the couple are breastfeeding the infants side by side.


It Is Possible Only Because Of Induced Lactation

The couple revealed that they are 'absolutely in love' with their twins Jackson and Ella. The couple and lucky as they are able to breastfeed them together since Jaclyn had opted for induced lactation.


What Research Says...

According to a study, women can breastfeed without becoming pregnant by taking hormonal medication or by simulating breastfeeding until the body starts producing milk.


It Was A Tough Journey For The Couple

Revealing about the journey of about becoming parents, the couple added that they had tried to have a baby for more than two years and they had spent over $21,000 on countless treatments which included more than 20 rounds of insemination and over 58 eggs were retrieved from both their ovaries.


Anonymous Sperm Donor

The couple revealed that the babies are twins because they had developed in the same pregnancy and the twins have the same father who is an anonymous sperm donor. But at the same time, the twins have different biological mums as one embryo from each of the mothers was fertilised and it was implanted into Kelly.


Kelly Is Not A Mum For The First Time Though

Though Kelly gave birth to the babies, it is said that she is already a mum of three kids from her previous relationship, while Jaclyn was not able to get pregnant due to her medical condition and hence Kelly decided to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Since the time Kelly gave birth to the twins, the couple has been enjoying parenthood.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 12:30 [IST]