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Handwritten Notes From Kids To Their Teacher Will Melt Your Heart

An elementary school teacher named Kyle Schwartz gave her students a school assignment that has gone viral on Twitter and other social media.

The students were asked to pen down a thought that they wished their teacher knew and the answers have gone viral on the internet.

The teacher asked her students to finish a sentence that she put on the blackboard. The sentence read, "I wish my teacher knew ______."

Little did she know that she would get such honest replies from the students that they would melt anybody's heart!

Check out some of the most honest replies...


The Broken Relationships

When the students decide to share their feelings about their ‘broken' relationships with their parents.


The Student’s Worry...

When the student decided to explain about his/her worry of about having a place to sleep at night.


Sharing Details About Self!

When the student shared about his/her affections and strengths.


The Trouble Of Being The Middle Child!

This student seems to have real problems and he/she shared the concern of being the ‘middle-child' and had separated parents.


The Worry Of Their Siblings

This student truly loves his/her sibling and hence shared the worry he/she has every night.


An Insight Of Their Home!

It would have surely taken some courage for this kid to share the details that he/she lived in a shelter.


He Wanted His Teacher To Know His Mum’s Struggle!

This student just wished his teacher knew that his mum got divorced thrice!


The Craving For Dad’s Love

This kid shared how sad he is as he is not able to see his daddy often because he worked many hours on the job.

Story first published: Monday, March 18, 2019, 12:34 [IST]