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Scary Ghosts Welcome Customers In The Restaurant With Bloodied Knives


Understanding the concept of having a themed restaurant is quite important when you are running a business.

A unique concept adapted by a restaurant named La Masia Encantada in Spain is giving it a lot of business as it has the theme of 'ghosts serving food to the customers'. They are also welcomed by ghosts who hold bloodied knives in their hands.

Here are some details of this unique restaurant and its scary concept.


Concept Of The Restaurant

The entire concept of this unique restaurant is believed to have been inspired by history. Even though the ghosts really do not exist in this restaurant, the visitors do get thrilled with the entire concept as the team does not leave any stone unturned to make the environment spooky.


Ghosts Serve Food

The restaurant's staff apparently dresses like ghosts and witches and they serve some of the tastiest foods to the customers who visit the restaurant. The customers also claim that the food is really worth the scary experience as it is so tasty!


Customers Are Welcomed With Knives

From the entry to the exit, the whole experience in this restaurant is not for the weak-hearted. The customers are welcomed by bloodied knives and they guide you to the table.


Restaurant Runs Only For 3 Hours Every Day

According to reports, this restaurant runs only for 3 hours every day. The place has over 60 seats and since the place is a super hit, one needs to make an advance booking in order to eat food.


Interiors Of The Restaurant Include...

To make the customers feel scary in every step that they have in the restaurant, the owners have ensured that the whole atmosphere is spooky. From the hanged corpses which look absolutely realistic to waiters who are dressed in ghost costumes, some weird activities are staged around the customers.

This restaurant looks so spooky that it has rules for its visitors. The weak-hearted and asthma patients are not allowed. Pregnant women and disabled people are also prohibited. Apart from this, kids who are under age 14 are also prohibited from entering the restaurant.

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