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China Is Killing Prisoners To Harvest Organs For Transplant

By Nia

There are several reasons that make a country appear on the list of the shadiest countries in the world. While North Korea tops the list, China is not far behind in the list of the shadiest countries in the world.

China came into radar after survey done by Forbes was released. In the survey, it was found that China has been running the organ harvesting scam in the country for years now!

The Chinese prisons were being investigated in specific as this was one of the main hubs for 'forced organ transplanting' done in the country. In layman's term 'organ harvesting' is a procedure in which the organs (or tissues) are removed from the body of an individual and they are reused and transplanted into other human beings who are in need of the organs.

The list of patients who need organ transplant is way too long and the number of organ donors is really short. This improper ratio of donors and receivers has led to the illegal trade of organs around the world. The study that carried out the investigation revealed that the forced organ harvesting has been a 'form of organ trafficking'.

It further elaborated that the prisoners of conscience in China were killed for removing one or more of their organs. These prisoners are the people who are generally in jail for adhering to a certain political or religious belief. They are the ones whose existence is simply not tolerated by the state officers or the locals.

According to the study it was found that some organ extraction surgeries were carried out while the victims were still alive. The victims are believed to have died in the process or after the surgeries.

Most of the recipients of these harvested organs are from China or the international tourists who travel to China for illegal transplants. As a result, they pay substantial sums to receive trafficked organs!

Even though in the year 2014, the Chinese government had announced to stop surgically removing organs from the prisoners who were executed, the move was welcomed by human rights.

But however, the practice is believed to have not stopped as per the survey study and the killing of the prisoners still continues.

Story first published: Monday, June 24, 2019, 17:20 [IST]
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