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Bizarre Practices People Have Tried To Get Rid Of Baldness

By Nia

People tend to lose their confidence when they have severe hair fall. This can depress them to such an extent that they would end up trying anything that will give them a solution. There have been several cases of people spending all their hard-earned money on something that does not give them the solution for hair loss!

Even history claims that the Romans and Egyptians tried some weird tricks to get rid of baldness.


Using Animal Fat

According to historians, the ancient Egyptians struggled to find an appropriate cure for hair loss. With people trying absurd tricks to find the cure, a remedy using animal fat became a super hit. The ingredients that were used in this was the mixture of lion, cat, serpent, hippo and lynx fat. The appearance was a big deal back then which explains why Egyptian men were so eager to try anything to help.


Ground Mice

As per the history, it is stated that Cleopatra had suggested Julius Caesar an Egyptian cure of ground mice and horse teeth to be rubbed onto the head as a cure for baldness.

Back then in the Roman society, bald heads were considered to be very ugly. Hence it was very important for Caesar to do something for his hair fall. But unfortunately, this trick did not help him. Hence, he decided to use a laurel wreath instead!


Bull Semen

This is one of the strangest tricks people tried to find a cure for baldness. Apparently, scientists had found that the bull semen had high levels of protein and this was considered to be good for making hair grow back, in theory. The problem of this whole trick was that the individual had to rub generous amounts of bull semen on his head for good results.



This is a cure that has been borrowed from Yoga. The headstand has been widely revered in Yoga for over decades. The headstand trick is believed to help in the prevention of hair loss.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 11:52 [IST]