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Animals That Might Show Up In Your Toilet

By Nia

If you have been thinking that snakes in toilets are the only scary things in your bathroom, then you are wrong my friend.

Studies have found out that there could be many more animals that could be hiding in your toilet right now!

Though this may make you wonder on how all these creatures land up in your bathroom. But the actual fact is that these animals are mostly looking for an exit since they are were trapped in the sewer and they instinctively followed the plumbing pipes up looking up for their freedom.

So the next time you use your washroom it might be wise to look before you sit!



Locals of the Republic of Ireland were sent notices in which the authorities warned people to check their toilets after an elderly man was bitten on the bottom by a rat! After all, rats love to chew up anything and everything!



Many spiders can travel along under water. Dangerous spiders are believed to be toilet hazards in some countries. Studies have found that spiders can stay alive in water for up to 30 hours!



Though this sounds insane, there have been several stories of alligators found in the sewers. These reports have been dated since the 1930s in New York. It still makes us wonder on how can an alligator get around a U-bend and land up in the pot!


A Frog

Finding a frog in your pot is still pretty. Imagine it trying to jump out of the toilet bowl for its freedom! In places like Australia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other tropical regions, frogs being found in bathrooms is a regular scene.



Snakes are known for creating their habitats in the plumbing of residential homes. These reptiles love to travel through the pipes into the residents' toilets where they eventually scare the people!



Finding a crab in South Pacific is no big deal. Most visitors are taken aback when they see this unexpected visitor clogging their pots.



Cockroaches often come in through the walls or cracks instead of the flush pipes. If you have roaches at home, then finding them under the pot is not something new!



Centipedes do not come up through your pipes just like the cockroaches. Instead, they enter through the cracks in the walls and floors where the pipes enter your bathroom. Most of the times they end up in your toilet while they are looking for a damp place.

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