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Do You Know How Your Body Shapes Can Reveal Your Personality Types?

Now, understanding a person's characteristic, behaviour and nature are way too easy. All thanks to the psychological tests which reveal a lot about an individual's personality.

From the shape of your nails to the hairstyle that you opt for or even the shape of your belly, it can reveal a lot about your personality type.

Science reveals that the shape of your body determines to a large extent on what kind of a person you may be and what sort of a personality you possess.

Did You Know The Shape Of Your Belly Can Reveal Your Personality Type?

If You Have A Pear-shaped Body

Those who have pear-shaped bodies are said to be extremely attractive for the opposite sex who often get complimented over their assets. These individuals have a personality which will be appreciated for who they are. They prefer being complimented only by their close ones and not anyone else. On the other hand, they are highly sexual but only with one person. Apart from this, they are emotionally and intellectually comfortable with their partners.

If You Have A Triangle-shaped Body

Those who have a triangle-shaped body are quiet, calm, and very composed from the outside. These individuals can be really crazy and they can be in control of most situations. They are intellectually active individuals who are constantly thinking, and acting, which makes their personalities incredibly attractive. They are highly driven when it comes to sex; but they often look for pleasure and experimentation rather than the simple love-making.

If You Have A Rectangle-shaped Body

Individuals who have a rectangle-shaped body are classic romantics. These individuals love the sweeter side of life, be it the romance or the charm and gracefulness of their partners. These individuals are attracted to people who have similar taste and those who are genuinely charming. They have a balanced sex drive, as they are neither too driven nor do they abstain from it.

If You Have An Inverted Triangle-shaped Body

For individuals who have an inverted triangle shape, it means that there are more chances for these individuals of getting unwanted attention. These individuals like to keep to themselves. Generally, these individuals have a larger bust as compared to waist, which brings out their sensuality. They are a bit shy and they feel really awkward when they get complimented. These individuals are highly sexual.

If You Have An Hourglass Body Shape

Individuals who have an hourglass shape are considered to be attractive. They are very confident in their personalities and they can be really choosy when it comes to picking up their sexual partners. On the other hand, their attractiveness comes from their independence as well. They can use their bodies to their advantage quite easily. They have a well-regulated sex life and as individuals, they can be really dominating.

If You Have A Round-shaped Body

Individuals who have a round body shape are usually very jovial, fun-loving, and possess a great sense of humour. These individuals are loyal and one can trust them with your life; and if there is one thing that defines them, it is their willingness to give their all to those they love. On the other hand, they never pretend if they love you.

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If You Have A Diamond-shaped Body

Individuals who have a diamond body shape are highly introvert. These individuals like being aloof, and live on their own. The physical act of sex does not carry much weight on them and they would rather have a stimulating relationship than making passionate love. On the other hand, they are comfortable only with a few people. Great sex is what these guys look for and once they get it, they do not feel the need for pushing again.

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