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A Unique Pee Device Invented For Women To Stand And Pee!

When a woman visits a public toilet, there are many chances of her contracting UTI (urinary tract infection) and this is the most common issue that every third woman faces.

From finding safer ways to avoid infection by manufacturing sprays and tissues that will kill germs, there are a lot of things available in the market.

But this latest invention of the pee device that costs just Rs 10 is going to be a life saviour to most of the women out there.

Check out the details of the same.

The Device Was Invented By Two Students

The students, namely Harry Sehrawat and Archit Agarwal, are students of textile engineering at IIT-Delhi who came up with the idea of creating Sanfe, a pee device which costs just Rs 10.

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They Did Their Research

The students did their bit of research before coming up with this device as they had visited several public toilets across the city to understand the plight of the situation where women were in an urgent need to use them.


Their Report Revealed

The study done on the public toilets was quite alarming as their report revealed: "71% of public washrooms are not cleaned on a regular basis, and women suffer from immense difficulty as they have to sit every time over the toilet seats while peeing and get infected by the germs and infections over the toilet seats."

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About The Device

Sanfe is a biodegradable device which helps to eliminate the body contact with the toilet seats. The device is said to be easy to carry as it is compact enough and it can be carried in a purse and can be disposed of quickly after one use.


The Product Is Available In Delhi Right Now

Though the product has been launched in Delhi and is available right now, we hope this device gains popularity as it seems to be a promising device which every woman out there would need.

What is your take on this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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