Real-life Stories: ‘Ghost Boys' Of India Were Shunned From The World

What is the most bizarre thing that you have seen off late? There are certain things in life which make us realise that life gives us many reasons to be thankful for the smallest things that we take for granted in life.

This article is all about two kids who were labelled as 'Ghost Boys' from India. These boys were shunned from the world around them unless an NGO played a role that changed things for them completely.

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Apparently, the two boys were ostracised as 'Ghost Boys' by schoolmates as they had pointed teeth and thinning hair, but they have finally been accepted in their remote village.

Check out the story of the 'Ghost Boys' who are young boys who have already dealt a lot at such a young age.

Find out more about these young boys...

They Hid Behind Doors For 11 Long Years!

Ashfaq and Mushtaq Khan are two young kids who are aged 11 and 8, respectively. Due to their medical condition the boys used to hide behind the walls in the village of Madhya Pradesh. They hid themselves to escape the taunts and stares of others.

The Young Boys Had A Rare Genetic Disease

The young boys are also labelled as "Ghost Boys' for having a rare genetic disease known as hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED).

About The Condition

In this condition the human body loses some of its ability to sweat, and the condition also causes the missing teeth. People suffering from this condition also have thinned-out hair.

More About The Condition

Because of this rare condition, the kids tend to heat up very quickly; hence, they have water poured over their heads every half an hour to help them cool down.

The Brothers Were Outcasted By The Villagers

The brave pair suffered from a disease that caused them to have missing teeth and even a flat nose. The brothers who are aged 11 and 8, were not accepted by the society as they treated them as outcasts.

Due To Lack Of Funds The Boys Were Not Treated

Since the boys come from a poor background, getting them treated was just a dream as the family lacks funds to pay for private treatment. And living in a remote village of Madhya Pradesh, where specialised medical facilities do not exist, their doctor, Mukesh, warned that their condition could get worse.

Their Mum Hopes For A Miracle

Their mother, Abila hopes for a miracle for their children. She wishes that someone would come forward to help them financially, as the family cannot afford the required medical treatment.

An NGO Changed Their Thinking!

Finally, the boys could take a deep breathe when a local NGO intervened and made the villagers aware of their condition. Apparently, the NGO launched a public awareness campaign to help local people understand their condition.

The Boys Have Been Accepted Now

Once the NGO revealed to the villagers that the brothers suffer from a rare condition, people started interacting with the boys and they could continue going to classes as well. The brothers revealed that they were often being humiliated in their classroom by others for looking this way, but after they were made aware, they stopped.

The Boys Enjoy Their Current State

Though the boys still suffer from the rare condition, they seem to be happy about life and its offering as they are able to make friends and even continue studying instead of being shunned by the society.

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    Story first published: Thursday, May 10, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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