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    Gangsters Want This Police Dog To Be Killed For 50K!

    Getting threats from goons is something that we see mostly in movies or hear about, but this is often related to people who seem to be highly influential or politicians or officers or those whom the goons feel to be a hurdle when it comes to their criminal matters.

    However, do you know that a dog has been threatened as well? Also, a prize amount of 50K will be given to the person who would kill this particular dog who is known to be a police dog!

    police dog has given protection after gangsters want to kill

    Check out for more details about this unusual threat which is not a joke but a fact as the dog has been given police protection as well!

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    This Dog Is Special!

    This police sniffer pooch has discovered a record amount of illegal drugs when compared to other dogs. Currently, the dog has been moved from her post after one of Colombia's most significant drug gangs have put a bounty on her head.

    The Dog Is

    The dog is Sombra, which means shadow in English, and had been living in Turbo in the Urabá district of Colombia. According to police records, this is a vital point for traffickers with easy access to the ocean.

    Her Work

    Over the most recent couple of years, the German Shepherd's work has explicitly driven to 245 arrests. It is said that Colombia's most significant drug group, the Urabeños, have put a cost on Sombra's head after she had sniffed over 10 tons of their cocaine this year. The goons are offering people worth £53,000 for any individual who will murder her.

    Her Earlier Employment

    She was redeployed recently from the Urabeños heartland to the nation's primary air terminal. It is reported that Bogotá's El Dorado is considered to be more secure as the area is outside the influence of the drug dealers.

    However, The Cops Are Playing Safe!

    The cops do not wish to take any risk with her life; hence, they are playing it safe. Moreover, additionally, her usual handler, Sombra is presently joined by additional officers who are taking other measures regarding for her security.

    About The Gang

    The Urabeños, who are otherwise called the Gulf Clan, are viewed as Colombia's greatest criminal association. The pack's manager, Dairo Antonio Úsuga, otherwise called Otoniel, is one of Colombia's most needed men.

    The Dog Is A Real Threat For Them

    The fact that they wish to hurt Sombra and offer such a high reward for her catch or death reveals how desperate the drug gangs are as it demonstrates the effect she's had on their benefits!

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    More About The Drug Mafia Of Columbia!

    Colombia is one of the world's driving makers of cocaine, with a yield of around 910 tons for each year, as indicated by the U.S. Medication Enforcement Administration.

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