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    Mom Had A Zombie Cake Photo Shoot For Her Son’s 1st Birthday

    When it is your child's first birthday, you want to make it the most memorable one. The first birthday of the child is generally very special for all parents. Organising the event becomes a big task as you want it to be the best birthday party of your child's life.

    But what happens when you decide to have a unique theme for your child's first birthday and the theme is something that is not cute and quite bizarre?

    zombie cake for first birthday

    Definitely, people tend to trash your idea and state how insane your thoughts are as a parent. And when you read about this toddler's birthday theme, you would surely feel disgusted as well.

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    Well, this is the story of Amy Louise who received a huge wave of backlash for organising her son's first birthday party with a zombie-themed cake. People expressed their anger and wrote "disgusting," "morbid," and "offensive" - words on the post that she shared.

    zombie cake for first birthday

    But the actual reason as to why this mother chose the zombie-themed cake and a photo shoot for her son will surely melt your heart. It is so heartbreaking, that it will definitely silence all the haters.

    At the time of his birth, doctors told her that her placenta had detached and there was no heartbeat. They cut him out and it was such a whirlwind of emotions that Amy felt through.

    She thought, that this kind of stuff generally happens when a newborn is born. But when they took him out and there was no cry, her heart just sank. He was immediately whisked away by doctors after the newborn didn't have a heartbeat.

    zombie cake for first birthday

    The couple was convinced that their baby son had died. But the doctors did not believe the same as they did not lose hope.

    She said, "The doctor squeezed my hand to try and show his emotion but it was a mess. It was awful. I just kept seeing this tiny white coffin flashing through my mind as I started to process what had just happen."

    But destiny had other things in store for the couple as the little boy Phoenix proved to be a real fighter. He was brought back to life on October 31, on Halloween which was the longest and most awful 13 minutes of her life.

    zombie cake for first birthday

    She said, "When I held him for the first time, the world disappeared and what a better way than to have a zombie-themed cake smash for the tiny toddler who was pronounced dead and then miraculously came to life on Halloween."

    So, this was the reason why she chose to have a zombie-themed cake for her son's first birthday.

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    What is your take on this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, August 28, 2018, 20:15 [IST]
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