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    This Dying Man Sang “The Dance” From His Hospital Bed!

    When you realise that your loved one has just some time left in this world as he is battling some deadly disease, you tend to spend the maximum time making memories with him or if it is us in their position, we tend to show that we are emotionally strong and do stuff that others will remember us for!

    Here is one such video of a man who was suffering from cancer and he decided to sing a song on his hospital bed. The video will make you emotional as the man in the scene passed away within a few days of recording this song!

    man singing on hospital bed

    Check on to know more details of the man in the scene who was singing "The Dance" song.

    He Was

    Marc Wright had been fighting cancer for quite some time. He had been a firefighter for more than 30 years, throughout the Columbia, Missouri zone. He had undergone a colon surgery and extensive chemotherapy; however, he found that his tumour had moved to his liver, lymph nodes and his lungs.

    Singing This Song Was One Of His Last Wishes

    Marc knew he was in his last stage of life and yet he had one more wish to fulfil before his life sniffed away. He wanted to sing Garth Brook's "The Dance", joined by a companion and his acoustic guitar. His friends and family revealed that Marc wanted to sing.

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    His Favourite Musician Was Shown His Video!

    According to reports, Garth Brooks, the great musician, was shown Marc's video and he had some amazing things to say about Marc and his singing skills. We bet that Marc would have been honoured to receive such high praises from his favourite musician as well!

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