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    Dad Is Seen Playing A Prank On His Kids With A Scary Chucky Doll

    Who does not love pranking? And getting pranked by someone is no less fun. Here is a video where a dad is seen pranking all his three kids with a Chucky doll.

    The video is hilarious as you would see the father prank all his three kids as a boss and the kids seem to fall for his prank.

    dad scaring kids with Chucky doll

    Check the video below where the dad behaves like a perfect prankster!

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    The dad starts the video by pranking his youngest son, who doesn't think that it's bizarre that his father would not kill the freaky, creepy crawly spider all alone, but would much rather have him brave out there and do it. The poor boy is seen opening the door and glancing around, and he does not seem to notice the doll with the beautiful red hair and weird smile.

    At the point when the kid at last notices Chucky between the hangers, with his shrewd grin, he seems to withdraw himself gradually, not turning his back to the doll once. Must say, the little boy is a smart child.

    When his older sister comes in to help her dad, her reaction is the polar opposite of her brother's. The moment she sets her eyes on the demonic doll, she lets out a scream of terror, which is followed by the realisation that her dad has a terrible sense of humour.

    It looks like the oldest daughter has had just enough of experience with her dad's jokes; hence, she is seen to be hesitant to open the closet door. When her dad does it for her, her eyes widen in surprise, but the moment she realises it is just a prank, she still throws a shoe at the "spider".

    The dad seems to enjoy pranking his kids, and this is proof.

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    Story first published: Monday, August 6, 2018, 16:12 [IST]
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