Pick A Key And Know About Your Subconscious Personality

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Though there are many quizzes and tests that you would have tried around, these may not reveal the desired solution that you have been looking for.

In this article, today, we bring to you the list of keys that you need to choose from. All that you need to do is pick a key and it will reveal the state of your subconscious mind.

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This test asks you targeted questions about your subconscious personality and thus the results are astoundingly correct.

All that you need to do is pick a key from the given collage and learn about your subconscious mind.


If You Choose Key Type #1

If you have chosen this key, then you have chosen the most common key without any embellishments. Choosing this key defines you as being a rational, determined and also a logical individual. There would be times when you would be fragile and vulnerable however.


If You Choose Key Type #2

If you have chosen this key, then you have chosen the most reliable key, which can open any door to the magic castle. Choosing this key means you are charismatic, strong and innovative. You tend to get everything that you wish for. Being independent is your strength and you hate being bound by promises.

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If You Choose Key Type #3

If you have chosen this key, then you have chosen the rarest of keys. Choosing this key means you have a lot of confidence and believe in yourself. You are decisive and are always full of ideas. You also love to accept challenges and do not think twice. On the other hand, you are always ready to try something new.


If You Choose Key Type #4

If you chose this key, which looks like a 4-leaf clover, it means that you are a cheerful, easy-going and optimistic person. You always love to look on the brighter side of things. Your optimism can make you a bit impulsive and a little distracted and this can land you in trouble at times.

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If You Choose Key Type #5

This key has the intricate decoration details. This is the type of key that appears in fairy tales and fantasies. This means that as a person, you are a creative dreamer who has a very vivid imagination. On the other hand, your creative unique personality is not accepted. As a person, you feel excluded and misunderstood most of the times.

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If You Choose Key Type #6

This is a classic key, which means that you are rational and full of good sense. As an individual, you have great concentration power, but at the same time, you find it difficult to step out of your comfort zone. On the other hand, you are loyal and also expect others to be loyal to you.

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    Story first published: Friday, February 23, 2018, 16:58 [IST]
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