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    Why Are 2500-year-old Baobab Trees In Africa Dying Suddenly?

    With global warming, there are many things that are becoming extinct. Be it animals or trees, that are special, seem to be on the verge of danger and yet there is little we as humans are doing.

    We are here to enlighten you about one such species of trees that are dying and slowly becoming extinct! It's about the 2500-year-old Baobab trees in Africa that are dying suddenly.

    baobab trees

    Check on to know more details about these special trees which have been alive for over 2500 years and are dying rapidly because they have been disturbed by the constant interference of humans.

    Know more about these species and history of the plants.

    These Trees Are In Africa

    Boabab trees aged between 1,100 and 2,500 years old have recently passed away. These trees are found in Africa.

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    These Trees Are Also Known As "Upside Down Tree"

    These special Boabab trees are also known as the "upside down tree." The reason for this unique name is because how the branches of the tree appear to knot roots. These trees are unique to Africa and it can live for thousands of years. It is reported that one of the Baobab trees in Africa had been alive for 6,000 years!

    Baobab Tree Uses

    These Baobabs trees are believed to have more than 300 uses. The leaves are rich in iron. The leaves can be boiled and eaten like spinach. Apart from this the seeds can be roasted and used as coffee substitute. The seeds can be pressed to make oil for cooking or cosmetics as well and there are a lot more numerous uses of the entire tree.

    The Trees Have Been Under Research For Years Now

    It is reported that researchers have used carbon dating techniques to assess their age and other characteristics which have ruined the biological cycle of the trees.

    There Are Many Trees That Have Died

    According to reports, out of thirteen trees, nine trees have perished and the reason for this is human invasion into nature as many botanists have been fiddling with these trees to experiment and find the age and other factors of the tree.

    The Reason For Death Will Shock You

    These ancient plants are just drying out at a frighteningly accelerated pace. The shocking bit is that researchers found that no disease of the plant-based epidemic is leading to the death of these trees.

    This is a high alert for the humans to think about global warming and work on saving the world. For more global-related topics, check our section as we bring in more updates.

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