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    Inner Thoughts Of A Narcissist That You Should Know

    There are various ways in which one can define a narcissist. For those who do not understand the term 'narcissist', it means that they are the people who are practically in love with themselves.

    There are certain thoughts that go on in every narcissist's mind. Analysing these thoughts can help you to find out if you or a friend of yours is a narcissist.

    Check out the crucial thoughts that a narcissist has constantly going on in his/her mind...


    “How Do I Look?”

    A narcissist is very particular about his looks. Such people are constantly thinking about how they look and their appearance. Their beauty routine is regularly on their mind. This can irritate their friends and family, as they spend hours in front of the mirror.


    “Why Does Everyone Look So Bad?”

    They take such good care of themselves that it makes them think that all others around them look bad. They constantly think that if others spent a fraction of the effort that they did, then they would also look great. A narcissistic person will also try to have a relationship with somebody who according to them looks perfect.


    “Others Could Be Doing Better!”

    A narcissist person cannot help but think that giving an advice to others is their personal duty. This is because their mind is completely consumed with criticising others or waiting for an opportunity for them to do wrong.

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    “Why Is This Taking So Long?”

    They have an inflated ego and this ego display is seen in most of the day-to-day activities. They cannot even stand to wait in a line and they think that they are too important to be even standing in a line.


    “Thinking Of Different Ways To Insult People Around”

    A narcissist spends a lot of time thinking about the negative aspects of other people. They cannot help but think of ways to put people down. They often have a snappy insult for others and on every occasion, they spend a lot of time thinking about them.


    “Constantly Thinking Of New Ideas”

    When a person comes across as a narcissist, they think them to be daydreamers. But that is not the fact, as they are often brainstorming and thinking of new ideas. They are basically hatching a new plot.

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    “Its All About Me And ONLY ME”

    They spend most of their time thinking about themselves. They do not spend much time in thinking about the others and when they do, it is mostly to criticize them.

    So, do you think you know of any narcissist? Let us know in the comment box below.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 12:00 [IST]
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