This Is The Most Unique Way To Get A Haircut!

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Getting a haircut done is like getting a completely new look. This not only boosts our self-confidence, but it also gives us a new positive energy about our ownself.

There is a new technique of getting a haircut done and it is not done using a pair of scissors. This form of haircutting not only raises the concern for safety, but also for the hair!

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Off late, this unique style of haircutting has got famous in Gaza, as many youngsters and teens are keen on trying out this new form of haircutting technique.

Check out more details about this unique form of haircutting below.


What Is This New Technique Called?

Styling your hair with the new technique of using fire instead of a pair of scissors is known as Blowtorch!


It Is A Trend In Gaza These Days

People have gone crazy about this technique of getting a haircut done. Most of the people are trying out this due to curiosity. It is a trend that is becoming popular in the Gaza Strip, as every other person wants to try this out!


A Secret Protective Liquid Coating Is Used

The barbers who use this new technique do not wish to reveal the content that is used in the making of this protective liquid coating. After application of this liquid, they use a blowtorch.

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The Motive Behind This Technique...

One of the main reasons why people of Gaza use this technique is to show to the world that Palestinian barbers are as "professional as those out there around the world"!

Check out the interesting video below.

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