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This Is How The World's First Set Of Surviving Septuplets Look Now

When a woman realises she is pregnant with more than one child, there is a lot of precaution that is taken during pregnancy.

And when the woman realises that she has 7 babies in a single shot, it is panicking and shocking a bit as well, apart from being a happy time.

Chances of survival of all the foetus becomes less and the complications list keeps increasing. But, here is a story of a woman who gave birth to the first set of surviving septuplets 20 years ago!

Check out their interesting story and how the kids have fought all the odds and have survived rather well.


The Couple Was Blessed With A Baby Girl Earlier…

The proud parents of the septuplets earlier had a baby girl and the father has a medical condition, in which he could not have further kids. But the couple Mikayla Bobbi and his wife Kenny were keen on trying out a way, as they always dreamt of having a huge family. They tried hormone therapy, in which Kenny got pregnant.


The Doctors Had A Surprise For Them…

Since the parents were happy that Kenny was pregnant again, the couple was feeling on cloud nine. During the checkup, the doctors found out that there is not one or two but seven embryos! Seven children were going to grow inside her. The world couldn't believe if it was possible, as the multiple births was common, but giving birth to 7 children was uneasy.

Her Bones Were Broken Even Before She Was Born!


The Kids Were Born…

When the kids were born, it was a surprise to the couple, as donations and free perks poured in to help the couple welcome the new set of kids in the family. They could not believe how lucky they were and how generous people had been to them.


It Has Been 20 Years Now!

All the children survived and now after 20 years later, these bunch of septuplets have graduated and they look incredible. According to the world record data, these septuplets were the first to survive the birth.

What is your take on this story? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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