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When A Classroom Was Turned Into A Dance Bar!

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With each passing day, we get to read about the most bizarre things that are happening in schools. The recent shocking case of the teacher sharing his intimate pictures with his female students was a total shocker. And now there's a new incident that has surfaced up.

Uttar Pradesh school tuned into dance bar to celebrate birthday, Watch | Oneindia News

This is an incident that happened in a Government school of Mirzapur, UP, India, where the school was turned into a dance bar. The leaked video has gone viral all over the internet.

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Incidents like these make us wonder where is the system heading to? It's high time such things be put to an end and people mend their ways.

Check out more details on this bizarre incident.


The Stage Was Students' Benches!

The video shows women dancing on a makeshift stage and the men are seen showering money on the dancing women. The women are seen dancing on the benches, while there is loud music being played in the background.


Apparently, The School Was Shut For 3 Days!

According to the sources, the school was shut for three days during the weekend to mark the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. It was at this time that the Gram Pradhan took the keys and organised a party on one of the nights to celebrate his son's birthday.


It Seemed To Be A Big Event...

Apparently, the programme was attended by village heads from the nearby areas. It saw attendees showering money on the women dancing on Bhojpuri songs. The village head was also seen trying to imitate the moves of the dancers as well!

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What's Happening?

Check the video. The video would surely make many furious as to where is our system heading!

What's your take on this? Share your thoughts on the same.

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