Strange Ways How The Sarahah App Is Changing Lives Of The People

Being updated with the latest technology has become a fad these days. Trying out on every app that is made is a default thing for most of us.

But how safe is our information, or how safe are we with our emotions? This is something to ponder on.

With our social site feeds filled with these green boxes with messages, it makes one try the app called "Sarahah", for sure!

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Sarahah App: All you need to know about the mystery app | Oneindia News

This app has proved the age-old saying, "When You Give People a Mask, They Will Reveal Their Ugliest Self".

So find out how this app has actually changed many lives.


Anybody Can Post A Text!

This is an app where we let the world text us without any kind of a verbal filter for their talk! Anybody is free to send the user any kind of message and the best part is, people do not get to know who it was.


Perverts Are Constantly Active

Perverts who never had the courage to even have an eye contact, tend to become highly active on the victims' profile where they are anonymously sharing some sleazy one-liners.


The Texts Are Common…

If a girl has shared the link on her profile, the most common things that one can see is that her profile wall is filled with requests from any random pervert who is willingly asking her out on a date or a cup of coffee!


It’s A Mind Game!

There are two things that actually happen when a person uses this kind of an app.
1: The person loves to brag and share about stuff on how he/she is being praised and loved by any random person commenting on his/her character.
2. It gives room to strangers to stalk you and share their dark thoughts about you, which is quite scary!


The Introverts Are Loving It!

This app mainly rose to fame, as it was found that people who are introverts are enjoying the attention that they are seeking. When their inboxes buzz, they are happily sharing it on their social sites, without realising that one could even be joking about the same!

Thank The Inventor Of Condoms For This Reason!


The App Is Dangerous!

Anonymity is like a drug, which is being misused by the users in this app. Things turn nasty, and toxicity is being spread across, as this app has become a new ground for hatred and enmity. The app is mainly misused to abuse others, and people are feeding their ego with vulgar and abusive messages.


There Is More To Come!

Such apps in the market only make us realise as to how easy it is to play with the human brain. Just the way "Blue Whale" app rose to fame for all the wrong reasons, this app too is going to face a similar fate, as we are sure there would be something new and interesting that would come up soon.

Until then, do share your thoughts on what you feel about the use of such apps.

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