A Woman Named Her Tumour After Donald Trump!

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When a person is diagnosed with cancer, one would generally find the person to be depressed and upset about the sudden change in her life.

But this girl, found the other way round where she decided to make the whole situation hilarious by naming her tumour after Donald Trump!

Check out the hilarious case of this young woman who was diagnosed with 'Hodgkin lymphoma', and how she named it after the US President!

We bet you would have a hearty laugh when you look at the reason as to why she has named her tumour after Donald Trump!

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cancer tumour named as Donald

She Is Elise Stapleton
She is a 24-year-old young woman from Cardiff, Wales. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a rare form of cancer in September 2016.

cancer tumour named as Donald

She Underwent Heavy Chemotherapy
During her chemotherapy she suffered from hair loss, nausea, diarrhoea and fatigue. But this did not dampen the spirit of this young girl.

cancer tumour named as Donald

She Had Her Own Reason For Naming Her Tumour...
This is what she had to say, "I decided to name it 'donald' as in Donald Trump - one big, ugly, useless mass that is good at one thing: hurting people."

cancer tumour named as Donald

She Is An Inspiration!
Her story is an inspiration for everyone struggling in life. It makes us realise that even in tough times, we can always find humour in just anything! We wish the girl good luck!

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 17:59 [IST]
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