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Your Hair Knows When You Fall Asleep – 15 Weird Hair Facts!

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If you thought you know your hair well, think again! There are interesting facts about hair that just might be the most bizarre thing you hear today!

What if we say, your docile locks that twist, turn and bend to your command and can actually "hear", knows your body clock to revel when you would fall asleep and keeps you warm!

Interesting Hair Facts

From twirling hair between our fingers, flicking our mane as we walk just to feel it bounce and pulling out that thin wisp of hair, to frame our face just right! There is something so acutely comforting about touching hair, isn't it?

And we thought why not expand our knowledge on the subject and understand what exactly happens behind those lush dark hair follicles.

Knowing your hair and how it works will help you take care of it better. It will clear out your constant doubts and lower your anxiety about hair loss.

So, without further ado, here are 15 bizarre, yet interesting, hair facts that you should know.

If you have any more interesting facts about hair growth that is not added to the list, feel free to update us!

1. A hair truth that you should know. At any given point, your scalp has 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 hair strands, which is a whooping lot. Perhaps, this may lower your anxiety about losing a chunk of hair!


2. You wouldn't know you are balding until it is too late. If recent study is anything to go by, a person cannot detect if he/she is balding, until he/she has lost about 50% of hair.

3. Your hair acts as a blanket that keeps you warm. Your entire body, except the scalp, has fat tissues to keep it insulated. Your hair doubles up as a layer of thermal insulator, protecting your head.

4. Yet another thing you didn't know about your hair is this fact. Life span of a single strand is anywhere between 5 to 7 years, after which it sheds on its own.


5. The added humidity of summer may make your hair frizz out, but also promotes hair growth. Heat boosts blood circulation, which in turn can make your locks grow faster.

6. Almost all hair follicles you possess throughout your life were made when you were a five-month-old foetus.

7. Your hair is like a nano-chip that contains record of what went through your bloodstream, including detailed information of minerals, vitamins and drugs.

Hair Growth

8. All your hair is dead, except the one that is embedded into the scalp.

9. This is by far the most surprising thing we came across when curating this article. All your hair strands together can support up to two elephants weight that is up to 12 tonnes. Really?

Hair Sleep

10. Your hair strands contain "clock genes" that keep the track of your body's circadian rhythms. To put it in simple words, your hair knows when you are sleeping and when you are awake!

Hair Fall

11. Your hair grows about half an inch a month. You shed 50 to 100 strands a day, while 90% of your locks are in constant growing phases, only 10% of them are resting. An interesting hair fact indeed!

12. Your body is not designed to ingest hair. So, even "accidentally" eating hair can be life-threatening.

13. Spiders and crickets use the hair on their legs to hear low-frequency sounds. They use the hair to sense the air motions, which enables them to detect the distant low sounds.

14. Yet another thing you did not know about your hair is this. Your hair ages, not only does it turn grey in colour, but the texture also becomes coarse and dry. It happens due to a low sebum production.


15. Ancient Egyptians first started the trend of removing their body hair completely.

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